How To Make Crunchy Papad Mixture Step by Step

The Recipe For Making Crunchy Papad Mixture.

Crunchy Papad Mixture You can make Crunchy Papad Mixture using 19 ingredients in 6 quick steps. The following is an easy way to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Crunchy Papad Mixture

  1. Fill of Any Papad like 6-7 urad-moong, 12-15 potato, 4-5 sago, etc.
  2. Fill 3 Cup of Rice flakes.
  3. Add 1 Cup of Puffed rice.
  4. Prepare 1/4 Cup of Corn flakes.
  5. Prepare stick of Potato.
  6. Prepare of Pearl sago.
  7. Insert 1 tsp of Turmeric powder.
  8. Insert 2 tbsp of kashmiri red chilli powder.
  9. Mix 1 tsp of Garam Masala.
  10. Insert 1 tsp of black salt.
  11. Add 1/2 TSP of black pepper.
  12. Fill 1 tsp of dry mango powder.
  13. Mix of Salt to taste 3 tbsp powder Sugar.
  14. Fill 2 tbsp of sesame seeds.
  15. Insert 1 tbsp of poppy seeds.
  16. Insert 1 tbsp of fennel seeds.
  17. Fill of Oil.
  18. Prepare 1/4 tsp of Hing (asafoetida).
  19. Fill 1 cup of masala sev.

Step By Step To Make Crunchy Papad Mixture

  1. In a thick pan roast rice flakes and puffed flakes on medium flame (separately). Continuous stirring still it becomes crispy..
  2. Heat 1/2 cup oil and fry all Papads, potato stick, pearl sago, corn flakes etc. and keep aside. Break all the Papads into small pieces..
  3. Now in hot oil add Hing, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and fennel seeds. Add all dry masala Turmeric powder, chilli powder, salt, black salt, black pepper, dry mango powder, Garam Masala..
  4. Now add roasted rice flakes and puffed rice. Add all types of fried Papads, potato stick, pearl sago, corn flakes etc. Add masala sev in it. Mix well all ingredients. Switch off stove..
  5. Now add powder Sugar, mix well. Store in air tight container when it become completely cool. We can store this snacks for 15-20 days..
  6. Enjoy this Crunchy Crispy tasty mouth watering Papad Mixture Snacks with hot tea or coffee or watching movies or reading books or any other time you wish..

That's how to make Crunchy Papad Mixture Recipe.